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This web page celebrates our Customers and we thank them for their Testimonials.

Hello. The car wrap was wonderfully done. It got lots of attention was was very noticeable. It paid for itself within the first 6 months. You did a great job.

Chrissy Walker

I recommend Window of Opportunity to all my clients. To date we have worked on 5 window wraps with Window Of Opportunity. My clients are dental offices and the increase in new patients have been tremendous. Our most recent window wrap generated 17 new patients in the first month. The wraps are the best return on your investment.

Julie Johnstone

Custom Made Marketing & Management

Perception is everything in my work and as a professional home-stager, my brand and my image relies on companies like Window of Opportunity. I was fortunate to be referred to Heather from Window Of Opportunity. Heather was able to tailor and personalize design, capturing the true image and perception of my company. She and her team demonstrate values and service extremely professional, knowledgeable, prompt and trustworthy. Truly, Window Of Opportunity is a rare find and I won’t hesitate to refer Heather to colleagues, friends or clients.

Patrick C. Fornasari

Lead Stager and Proprietor, Studio Linea Home Staging and Redesign

Hi Heather.

Just wanted to send you a appreciation note in regards to the work you and your design team have completed for me. You did an amazing job on my car. You were very patient with me as we tossed ideas back and forth as to what to put. You assured me that I would not be disappointed and wow, what a great job, it is a eye catching marketing tool which has brought a lot of attention to my business. And then you took the branding and carried it through onto my 2 sided business cards, which helps with connecting me to my car, when I am at events and hand out my card people often go-oh that is your car out in the parking lot who did it. And of course I am happy to be able to recommend you and your design team. With my web site also completed by your team I must say that window of opportunity has done a outstanding job, and I will continue to recommend you.


Pamela Culp Blanchard

Be Clutter Free, 905-971-9568


Just a quick note to say thank you for your professionalism and attitude in dealing with my most recent auto graphics. Having used a competitive Hamilton based company previously I was admitted gun-shy of the sales process regarding doing graphics again. I read the Hamilton Spectator article, learned of your professional background and found your candidness related to evolution of your company the matter of fact attitude I was looking for. In true (Mike Holmes) Make It Right fashion, you said you were going to do this for X price, renegotiated your own discount and booked the install. Even with a very minor correction that needed to be made you have been as proud of my graphics as if it was on your own car. I like that. My past experience was not like the graphic originally sent. Was missing a big chunk of the image that I had no choice but to pay for. It had to be completely removed because the graphic was the wrong colour. So, service that at no point was at a high level. Additional cost by almost 1000. The wrong colour. The loss of the install/ de-install/ install time frame. Makes me very happy I did my homework and found your company. Oh, I did ask company one to quote while I did my research. As a repeat client that spent the highest premium dollar, their quote came in 2.5 months after requested (and while I was driving my already windows of opportunity wrapped vehicle) and the same money for have the material. Disappointed? Nope, I only wish you would have done both my vehicles. I would and do recommend your business and you highly to all that inquire.

It’s a great life,

Ronn James

Director, Sales & Marketing, Stonemill Developments

Window of Opportunity is a fantastic company. Heather took the time to explain the different quality of materials and the processes that companies use in today’s wrapping industry. She discussed the different options available for covering store windows and service vehicles and her designs were fun and imaginative! Once we had our store windows wrapped, we knew we had to do our service vans due to all the positive feedback from our customers. It was a great way to renew our store front and customers comment frequently on how often they see our vehicles in their neighbourhood now!

Buds Spas & Pools

Being a Curves Owner for over 8 years now, we are always looking for different avenues to get our message out there. When Heather first approached me with the idea of a Storefront window design, I thought it would be something new and fresh and worth trying out. Little did I know what a home run we would hit with this idea. The response has been phenomenal. It quite simply draws customers attention to your storefront. It’s eye catching; you simply cannot pass by without noticing.

We’ve had recent customers tell us that they didn’t even know we were here until now, even though we have been here for years! We have done 4 storefronts already with more still to come. The design is done with such thought and care behind it, that it makes your storefront look elegant on one hand, and come alive on another.

In my years as a Curves owner, Heather is quite simply the most creative and genuine person I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with. If you are looking for a Big Bang from your advertising dollar, and adding great exposure to your business, Window of Opportunity is a must. I highly recommend it!

Ron Gasparetto

Curves Owner , Hamilton Area Curves

When Heather first introduced the concept of window wraps for my dental office, I was considering doing bench advertising and other types of promotion. The more Heather described her concept, the more it became clear that the benefits of both her product and the devotion with which Heather approached her work completely surpassed other marketing vehicles. I can unequivocally state that Heather not only met but exceeded any expectations I had. Heather ensured that everything was done perfectly and to complete satisfaction. Any deficiencies were addressed without being asked. Also, Heather has an innate ability to connect with her client and her client’s business to capture exactly what needs to be communicated in the images she uses. In short, the proof lies in results. The improved visibility of the office has resulted in an increase in new patient flow since Oct./07 when they were installed. One patient specifically stated that she brought her family here as a result of the eye-catching images of
the window wraps.

Heather’s skills are outstanding and her ethics unparalleled. I can whole-heartedly recommend not only the product but especially Heather herself as a valuable asset to any business that chooses to utilize her services.

Dr. Fel Rocci

Gateshead Dental

When I first approached marketing companies for job site signs, signage on my trucks and trailers, I met with individuals with no true artistic imagination or flair, which I found to be very frustrating because of my marketing and artistic background. The first time I saw Heather’s vehicle, I knew that I loved the idea of having my vehicles wrapped, because I wanted to stand out from the crowd within my industry.

Heather was very refreshing to do business with primarily because of her passion and belief in this type of marketing. I truly enjoyed the process of being able to give her my input and choosing what types of pictures I wanted on my vehicles. She took my ideas and added her own touch, and over a few weeks we came up with something that does exactly what I wanted it to do. I now stand out in the crowd and have had nothing but positive remarks from the people who have seen my vehicle wraps.

Just since April 2008, when the wraps were put on my vehicles, we’ve gone from writing quotes valued in the hundreds to low thousands, to tens of thousands, more than once. It is now only July 2008. These wraps have given me brand recognition, and a huge boost in credibility within the industry that I do business in, and complimentary industries, and in the public eye.

Thank you, Window of Opportunity.

Reg Lamontagne

Founder/CEO , Keepers of the Earth Landscaping and Contracting, 416-998-2480

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to thank Heather and staff at Window of Opportunity for the extraordinary service they provided in helping Burlington Tire & Auto design and install a new window wrap for our showroom. My initial plan was to create wraps for my storage trailors; Heather suggested a window wrap instead which would increase street attention and reflect a fresh modern image. Heather did a superb job personally installing the wrap.

I would not hesitate to recommend Heather and staff, their attention to detail and fresh thinking will most definately help any business get noticed by wrapping it up.


Dave Montour

Burlington Tire & Auto , 905-632-6905

I have had the pleasure of working with Heather on both my storefront window and vehicle wrap. The product is fantastic and has increased my business tremendously. Heather took care of everything from the design to actually taking my car in for me to have it wrapped. She even cleaned the inside of my car while she was waiting for it !!!!! Now that’s what I call service !!!! I would highly recommend Heather Wilkinson and Window of Opportunity to anyone who wished to enhance and increase their business.


Alice Saunders

Owner, Cupcakes,

Working with Heather getting our bus wrapped was an experience. I took 2 of our sales people to pick up the bus and commented to them on what “going above and beyond” really looked like………..a great design, excellent graphics, perfectly applied, the sales person on site when the product was delivered. And the cherry on top was the basket full of candies and other goodies.

Paul Lloyd

President , Pasword Protection-Security Systems

Ever since I have my wrap on my vehicle, I have great response and many new calls for orders at my place of business. it is a fantastic way to advertise and great exposure.

Thank you Window Of Opportunity!

Ray's Place

Heather Wilkinson approached our restaurant in September 2007 with the goal of beautifying our solarium glass while providing a quick shot medium to passing motorists of exactly what the restaurant produced for its customers. Without a doubt, the provided glass pictures and their well laid out design provided a striking mural for customers and potential customers to view. As a matter of fact, my son, who frequents the bus service on a regular basis, almost always, observes a potential customer commenting favorably on the solarium mural with one stating “Wow, I have to try Your Place Restaurant soon, that steak and eggs looks delicious”

Scott Fullerton

Owner, Your Place Restaurant

I have been working with Heather for over 5 years, and when it comes to any marketing and design ideas for my business, there is nobody I trust more then Heather. Recently Heather and the staff at Window of Opportunity created an outstanding window wrap on my storefront. Not only did Heather design my window wrap, she created my image, came up with my “Dare to be You” slogan and gave me a timeless design that I have proudly used in every newspaper and magazine ad, billboards, website, etc. Heathers’ creative flair and eye for detail have taken my image to the highest level amongst those in my industry.

Working with Heather is an effortless experience because she takes care of every detail and always knows exactly what is right for my business. If you are looking for outstanding design, creative ideas and inovative products, Window of Opportunity is a company I would highly recommend for any business.

Albert Snow

Owner, Albert Snow

Window of Opportunity has transformed our storefronts in Ancaster and Burlington creating the exciting, progressive image we desired. Our windows entice customers to come in and shop. No sign could ever achieve these results! They did everything from designing the concept to the installation!

Thank you Window of Opportunity!

A Passion for Living

Our fitness business depends on setting ourself ahead of the pack. While initially growing our business through word of mouth marketing, Heather worked with us during the branding and advertising process. She continues to provide us support as our company continues to grow. When she introduced us to the process of car wrap advertising, we weren’t easy sold. But once I took at the numbers compared to other advertising avenues like print or radio, it made perfect sense. Just think of all the driving you do day to day. Each time you get behind the wheel is an opportunity to tell me about what you do. Since having our company car wrapped we are literally stopped at red lights by prospects seeking more information about our Boot Camps. On the flip side until your car is wrapped each time you get behind the wheel with out it, is a missed opportunity to promote your business.

All business aside I’d like to take this opportunity to speak to how I’ve come to know Heather as a person. Integrity is key in the success of any business. Heather is a deadline driven, results oriented, entrepreneur whom I’ve always known to have her clients best interest at heart. Her passion for helping other businesses ‘get their name out there’ is unparalleled. She helped walk us through the process by taking the time to fully understand our business, its needs, and our target clients. She provided us with a fresh look, that turns heads and sparks interest in our services. Whether its about ROI, client care, or finding that top product, quality and integrity are always assured with any project Heather decides to take on.

Actively Living,

Matthew Green

Director of Client Growth and Development, Integrated Active Living

Heather worked closely with me to help translate my ideas for wrapping my car into a simple and effective design that has been an attention getter ever since. Heather responded quickly to the challenges of designing and implementing my requirements to the final delivery of my wrapped vehicle. I am completely satisfied with the complete process from initial enquiry to final delivered product. I am constantly complemented on the appearance and effectiveness of my wrapped vehicle. I have recommended Heather’s services to others who have also used Heather’s excellent services to the same great satisfaction as I had.

Deborah Bartucci

State Farm Insurance

Dear Heather:

I would like to comment on our purchase of the vehicle wrap advertising on our vans and trucks. We track where our prospects for irrigation systems come from and we have always considered our truck & van advertising as “high yield advertising” next to our referrals. When we first spoke to you (Heather Wilkinson) about vehicle wrap advertising we were reluctant because we weren’t sure the higher cost of the vehicle wraps would result in additional business. We decided to start off by wrapping 2 vans with this enhanced form of advertising. Since the wraps have been installed, we have received positive comments to suggest that our vans with vehicle wraps are being seen by more people who would otherwise have not noticed them. In fact, we feel that the “wow factor” we try to encourage has definitely been achieved in this situation and we hope to “wrap” each new vehicle as they are purchased.

Thank you Heather for contacting us and helping our business to grow.


Stephen Macartney, CIC, CLIA

Raintree Irrigation


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